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Job description: Regional Marketing Manager

Position description:

Regional marketing manager is member of the regional leadership team integral to defining and delivering aggressive business strategy for the region with strong focus on operational excellence and analytics for commodity product business and effective introduction/expansion of premium product business.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Become true partner for regional business lead
  2. Become voice of the customer & farmer in the region within the company
  3. Closely coordinate with global product management team to ensure:
    • Best product & price positioning with the region
    • Optimal portfolio management
    • Effective product launches
  4. Develop and execute marketing communication & promotion (MCP) plan for the region that supports global and regional strategy (printed material, events, etc.)
  5. Be ready to act as company representative in public events, exhibitions, etc.
  6. Partner with local/global R&D and agronomy teams to develop high quality regionalized MCP material
  7. Be the knowledge share driver, conduct product trainings (internal/external), ensure teams/partners are fully equipped to promote the products
  8. Coordinate work with third-party service providers on any MCP activity (when applicable)
  9. Become the local partner for centralized market & customer intelligence (MCI) team to ensure high quality of local intelligence and strong connectivity to global analytics capabilities
  10. Support budgeting and 5-year strategy development representing the region in the best interest of the overall company
  11. Ultimate objective: drive de-commoditization of the company and expansion of premium product business at most optimal value share


  1. Bachelor degree in business, economics, or marketing
    • Agronomy degree and/or background is a plus
    • Master degree is a plus
  2. 3-5 year experience in marketing function
  3. Strong communication skills
  4. Strategic and analytical mindset
  5. Fluent English
    • Spanish, Russian, German is a plus
  6. Proven business and customer oriented mentality
  7. Ability to navigate matrix organizations
  8. Good balance of creativity and process-orientation
  9. Strong desire to grow and develop

12 month expectations:

  1. Understand fundamentals of the business, customers/farmers, and organization
  2. Establish her/himself as team member for the regional and global teams and partner for the business lead
  3. With support of centralized MCI team establish good intelligence/analytics on the market, customers, competitors
  4. Establish local marketing processes
  5. Successfully implement global marketing processes within region
  6. Develop and implement marketing communication & promotion plan for the upcoming season
  7. Develop launch plans for the premium products to be introduced to the market

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