About Us

Founded in 1987 as a fertilizer import/export business, today BenTrei is a fully integrated domestic marketing and distribution company serving the Fertilizer, Feed, and Industrial markets.

Fertilizers are produced year-round but they are consumed seasonally. BenTrei provides the series of services that take the goods from the producer to the consumer in a timely and efficient manner, so that the fertilizer is present when and where it is needed.

BenTrei distributes domestically but sources globally.

We are a domestic company with timely global market intelligence.  Our group anticipates and responds to market factors impacting world supply and demand. This capability provides benefits to our customers and our suppliers.

To continue our mission of providing unparalleled service to our customers, expand our product offerings, and expand our distribution network, BenTrei became a subsidiary of EuroChem Group, a vertically integrated global leader in fertilizer, mining and logistics, in late 2015.  The marriage of EuroChem’s international production and BenTrei’s hands-on customer focused distribution means our customers will have access to world class manufacturing and mining, without sacrificing the quality service you expect from BenTrei.